It has become crucial for brick and mortar retailers to engage with their customers by building engaging brand experiences and personalized customer service that strengthens customer engagements, drives profitable growth, and builds competitive advantage.

Smart Retail –VeeaHub’s ubiquitous indoor wireless coverage with Edge Computing supporting an array of applications for retail outlets can make that happen.

Diagram_Veea Edge Mgmt_Retail (1)

VeeaHub® introduces fundamentally different capabilities affecting in-store operations with its wireless connectivity solutions augmented by Edge Positioning System (EPS).

The latter can locate people or objects within one meter of accuracy indoors using Wi-Fi signals providing for virtual beacons without fingerprinting of the location or physical beacons.

This data is further augmented by AI and machine learning running on VeeaHub supporting operational and marketing applications that can scale rapidly with improved quality of actionable data collected locally and resulting triggers.

VeeaHub (VHC05) product is compact and low-cost, able to serve shops, bars, and restaurants as well as small to medium-size businesses (SMBs). For large retail outlets and shopping malls, the VeeaHub Pro and VeeaHub Pro S provide a high-performance connectivity platform. All models of VeeaHub provide an optional 4G failover service ensuring 100% uptime for retailers’ Internet connection to their POS, payments, and other operations.