VeeaHub® Smart Computing Hubs


The VeeaHub family offers a variety of options to meet your solution needs, for both indoor and outdoor applications. All VeeaHubs share a combination of multi-application processing, storage, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, vMesh/vBus support and multiple IoT connectivity options. Different VeeaHub models can be combined across the same mesh, allowing you to add different capabilities to your edge network exactly where needed. And all VeeaHubs include VeeaWare software with access to our cloud-based Edge Management tools, making deployment, operation and management of your edge networks and applications easy. 

VeeaHub STAX

Compact, Stylish Indoor Hub with Server-Class Processing and modular expandability.

VeeaHub Pro

A wide range of connectivity and expansion options for enterprise-grade, more demanding applications.

VeeaHub Pro Outdoor

Environmentally-hardened & focused on Industrial IoT applications.



Connect all your devices with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Matter and Thread as well as optional LoRaWAN and 4G/5G WWAN support.



Use VeeaCloud services and our Edge Management Tools to monitor and manage your devices locally and remotely.



Veea's vMesh technology scales and distributes workload – with all the nodes in the mesh can cooperate in the distribution of data in the network.



Utilize our IoT Toolkit and VeeaHub Toolkit to develop scalable, secure and responsive applications quickly.

All VeeaHubs share the same secure computing platform as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Matter, and Thread support with optional support for LoRaWAN and 4G/5G WWAN modules as well as storage expandability.

Download Datasheets

VeeaHub STAX (VHC25)

VeeaHub Pro (VHE09)

VeeaHub Pro S (VHE10)

VeeaHub Pro Outdoor (VHH09)

VeeaHub Pro Outdoor S (VHH10)

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