The Future of Integrated Computing, Connectivity, and Security

The Veea Edge Platform represents a leap forward in edge computing and IoT connectivity. At its heart lie VeeaHubs, which combine robust computing power with a versatile, Linux-based software environment. This platform is more than just a collection of technologies; it's a cohesive ecosystem designed to connect, compute, and secure your digital world. Whether you're managing a smart home, running a business, or developing IoT solutions, the Veea Edge Platform provides the tools and infrastructure needed to thrive in today's interconnected environment.


VeeaHubs are engineered with advanced quad-core CPUs, offering a robust computing environment. Their Linux software platform supports multiple applications, enabling virtualized environments for diverse operational needs.


Comprehensive device connectivity, supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Matter, and Thread. Optional LoRaWAN and 4G/5G support expand the network's reach, while vMesh technology allows for scalable and efficient network expansion.


The Veea Platform is designed with security at its core, adhering to the highest industry standards. It offers customizable options to best meet specific needs and robust protections against emerging digital threats.


  • Responsiveness: Edge computing enables millisecond-level real-time decision-making, crucial for systems like manufacturing controls, autonomous vehicles, and AR/VR. Unlike centralized clouds, which may face latency issues, our edge solutions ensure optimal responsiveness without congestion or scaling challenges.
  • Bandwidth: Our platform processes data at its source, significantly reducing bandwidth costs and infrastructure buildout needs. This approach allows for the efficient transfer of only relevant data to centralized systems, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Storage: While storage costs might be low, the exponential growth of data volume presents challenges. Our edge computing solution efficiently processes data in real-time, close to its source, turning it into actionable insights, thus addressing storage and data overload issues effectively.
  • Security: In an era of increasing cyber threats, our edge computing framework enhances security. By analyzing traffic patterns and identifying unauthorized access at the network's edge, it effectively prevents the hijacking of IoT devices and mitigates botnet attacks, offering robust protection against cyber threats.

Powering your solutions

Veea provides a comprehensive edge platform delivering all-in-one SASE-compatible edge connectivity and server-grade edge processing with simple, scalable, and secure edge application and service management across a scalable mesh network of VeeaHubs. Veea’s Edge Platform technologies include vMesh, a high-performance, self-healing, and self-organizing network that automatically gets created upon the installation of VeeaHub™ devices, and vBus, a communication bus inside a VeeaHub Mesh Network and beyond.


VeeaHub Smart Computing Hubs

The VeeaHub family encompasses a range of innovative hubs designed to cater to diverse operational requirements. From compact indoor solutions to robust outdoor applications, each VeeaHub model is crafted to deliver exceptional performance and connectivity.


VeeaWare: Edge Distributed Software

Edge computing solutions demand a distributed processing model, with many physically separated processing elements that must be centrally managed and coordinated. VeeaWare answers that incredibly demanding challenge.


Edge Management Tools

Veea’s Edge Platform Management services simplify edge network operations, with centralized, cloud-based control. Unlike fragmented and complex legacy approaches, Veea addresses challenges through a single solution for broad edge deployment, scalability and managed service support.

Edge Technologies

Our suite of technologies - VeeaWare, vMesh, vBus, and management tools like the Veea Control Center and VeeaHub Manager - work in synergy to revolutionize edge computing. Each element plays a critical role, from software foundations and network connectivity to device integration and network management, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and secure edge computing experience.

Developer Tools

Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with the Veea Edge Platform’s developer tools. Our comprehensive suite provides everything you need to bring your IoT solutions to life. From easy application deployment to handling complex device protocols, our tools simplify your development journey. Whether building for small offices or large enterprises, our IoT Toolkit and VHT ensure your applications run smoothly and securely.

What will your competitive edge be?

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