Platform Technologies

Veea's suite of edge computing technologies come together to create a harmonious and powerful edge computing ecosystem. Each component plays a pivotal role: VeeaWare as the software foundation, vMesh facilitating seamless network connectivity, vBus ensuring smooth device integration, and the Control Center and VeeaHub Manager providing comprehensive management solutions. Together, they form a cohesive, integrated system that empowers businesses to harness the full potential of edge computing, driving efficiency, security, and innovation.



Security meets ease of deploy, monitor and manage.

VeeaCloud simplifies the deployment of the Veea Edge Platform, making it accessible for both IT teams and store managers. From installation to maintenance, VeeaCloud offers intuitive services to manage every aspect of your network. It streamlines the addition of connectivity options and assists in deploying and running diverse applications.

  • Secure Authentication and Management: Effortlessly connect, enroll, and manage your VeeaHub devices with top-tier security. Receive real-time status updates and alerts for swift, decisive action.
  • Streamlined Application Service Download: Install and manage applications remotely, ensuring ease and convenience in maintaining your network.
  • Hassle-Free Application Service Upgrade: Stay updated and secure with over-the-air updates for your VeeaHubs and services.
  • Confident Deployment with Docker Images: Deploy containerized applications from a secure registry to VeeaHubs with ease and reliability.
  • Advanced Analytics for Optimal Performance: Monitor and analyze the usage and performance of your VeeaHubs and services with detailed visualizations, ensuring peak performance and informed decision-making.

In addition, With VeeaCloud you can gain valuable insights into application performance and network health. Its advanced analytics capabilities provide a detailed view of application usage, while its performance monitoring tools keep a vigilant eye on the vMesh network, ensuring optimal operation.


Powering Distributed Edge Computing

As the software foundation of the Veea Edge Platform, VeeaWare embraces the challenges of edge computing. It enables distributed processing across physically separated elements, ensuring seamless coordination and management. VeeaWare is the key to unlocking a highly scalable and secure edge network.

  • Secure Application Run: Operate applications securely across the edge network.
  • Multiple Application Support: Run various applications in Secure Docker containers on VeeaHubs.
  • Mesh Network Integration: Utilize mesh technology for easy scaling of edge networks.
  • Centralized Control: Manage and orchestrate your network and applications from a unified interface.
  • Resource Optimization: Leverage Linux-based software for efficient resource utilization across the network.
  • Robust Security: Maintain platform security with a Chain of Trust architecture, starting from hardware keys in VeeaHubs.

VeeaWare brings a suite of business benefits that streamline deployment, enhance security, and reduce operational costs. Its capability to run multiple applications securely and efficiently on VeeaHubs simplifies deployment processes. The integration of mesh technology ensures easy scalability, reducing the need for extensive infrastructure investment.


Self-configuring, self-healing with dynamic workload distribution

vMesh represents a leap in networking technology, enabling seamless communication between nodes using both wired and wireless connections. This innovative approach ensures that data distribution within the network is cooperative and efficient, with no single point of dependency. The self-configuring nature of each node in vMesh means that information relay and workload distribution are dynamic and resilient, especially in scenarios of node failure.

vMesh stands out with its ability to facilitate robust communication between nodes, regardless of whether the connection is wired or wireless. It ensures seamless and cooperative data distribution, capitalizing on the self-configuring capabilities of each node. This flexibility extends to network setup and expansion, supported efficiently by VeeaHub Manager. The key features of vMesh make it an adaptable and resilient networking choice, suitable for various environments.

  • Wired and wireless node communication.
  • Cooperative data distribution across the network.
  • Self-configuring nodes for dynamic workload distribution.
  • Auto-configuration via VeeaCloud and VeeaHub Manager™ App
  • Flexible network creation and expansion.

The benefits of vMesh networking are substantial, impacting both operational efficiency and network reliability. Enhanced fault tolerance and reduced reliance on individual nodes result in a more resilient network. The ease of network management leads to lower maintenance costs, while the adaptability of vMesh ensures seamless network expansion and setup, making it an ideal solution for modern connectivity needs.


The Heart of Seamless Device Interoperability

vBus serves as a dynamic hardware abstraction layer, essential for the Veea Edge Platform. It simplifies the complexity associated with mesh networks, device discovery, and microservices. By providing a multi-language API, vBus facilitates the configuration of applications at the edge and ensures secure access to edge devices.

vBus is designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between hardware capabilities and application needs within the Veea Edge Platform. Its multi-language API and hardware abstraction layer simplify mesh network management and device discovery, enhancing interoperability. vBus stands out for its ability to facilitate smooth communication across various services, offering a comprehensive solution for both hardware-related and non-hardware services.

  • Hardware and software abstraction layer.
  • Multi-language API support.
  • Simplifies mesh and device discovery.
  • Facilitates inter-service communication.
  • Access to both hardware and non-hardware services.

vBus offers versatile access to device functionalities, making it easier for developers to integrate and manage a wide range of services. This leads to more efficient system operation and a flexible platform for developing complex multi-container applications.

Security & Chain of Trust

Ensuring Trust and Protection on the Veea Edge Platform

At the heart of Veea's Edge Platform is a robust 'chain of trust' architecture, ensuring that every hardware and software component operates securely. Our approach validates each element from the end entity up to the root certificate, balancing security with flexibility. All applications on the platform run in secure, self-contained software containers, minimizing system access and unauthorized interactions.

  • Hardware Root of Trust: Ensures only authenticated software boots up VeeaHubs.
  • Secure Boot Process: Alien bootloader software is prevented from running.
  • Authenticated System Images: Root file system requires a signed image to maintain integrity.
  • Hardware Key Protection: Device identity keys are safeguarded by hardware.
  • Disabled Hardware Debugging: Cuts off a common attack vector.
  • No Logins Policy: Default settings disable all logins for enhanced security.
  • Minimal Network Exposure: Reduces attack surface by limiting unnecessary services.
  • Robust Firewall: Provides an additional layer of network protection.

In an era where data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly common, robust IT security is not just a necessity — it's a critical business strategy. Effective security measures protect sensitive data, maintain customer trust, and ensure business continuity. They also comply with legal and regulatory requirements, safeguarding the business from potential legal ramifications. Investing in strong IT security, like that offered by Veea, is investing in the long-term success and reputation of your business.

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