A Versatile Connectivity Revolution

vTBA stands at the forefront of custom connectivity solutions, adeptly serving not just homes but also connected buildings, smart agriculture and so much more. This technology redefines internet delivery by connecting directly to Wi-Fi-enabled devices, offering personalized network experiences across various settings.

At its core, vTBA is more than just a connectivity solution; it's a transformative approach to internet service delivery. This technology connects internet services directly to individual Wi-Fi-enabled devices, allowing for unprecedented customization of bandwidth, latency, and security settings. Its adaptability makes it a perfect fit not just for home environments but also for complex settings like connected buildings and agricultural sites. By enabling the setup of isolated guest networks and dedicated networks for different device categories, vTBA ensures that each connected environment can achieve its specific connectivity needs efficiently.

Key Features

vTBA stands out with its array of unique features designed to cater to a broad spectrum of connectivity demands. For homes, it means personalized Wi-Fi experiences for each family member; for connected buildings, it translates into efficient management of diverse digital ecosystems; and in smart agriculture, it allows precise control over various farming devices.

  • Tailored bandwidth, latency, and security for each device.
  • Flexible network setups with isolated guest and dedicated networks.
  • Advanced control and monitoring at the device level.
  • Seamless integration with existing home and business networks.
  • Supports a range of Wi-Fi-enabled devices and sensors.
  • Simplifies complex network configurations in connected buildings.
  • Enables efficient data collection and management in smart agriculture.
  • Enhanced network security and user privacy.
  • User-friendly interface for easy network customization and management.
  • Rapid deployment capabilities across various environments.

Network Slicing

Network slicing is a revolutionary feature of vTBA technology that allows the division of a single physical network into multiple virtual networks. This advanced capability enables distinct and optimized connectivity environments tailored to specific needs and applications. In the context of vTBA, network slicing plays a crucial role in delivering customized internet experiences.

Whether it's prioritizing bandwidth for critical healthcare devices in a smart home, allocating dedicated networks for security systems in connected buildings, or ensuring uninterrupted data flow in smart agriculture sensors, network slicing ensures that each application receives the network resources it needs to function optimally.

  • Enables creation of multiple virtual networks on a single physical network.
  • Tailors network performance to specific applications and needs.
  • Enhances overall network efficiency and resource utilization.
  • Allows for prioritized traffic management and improved service quality.
  • Crucial for diverse applications in smart homes, connected buildings, and agriculture.

Advantages & Benefits

Embracing vTBA technology brings a multitude of benefits across various sectors. In residential settings, it reduces the reliance on traditional routers and CPE, streamlining the home internet setup. For commercial and agricultural sectors, it facilitates increased adoption of internet and digital technologies, even in previously underserved areas, thus bridging the digital divide.

The implications are significant – from lowering installation and total ownership costs to enabling more efficient, tailored internet experiences. These benefits collectively contribute to enhancing digital literacy and internet accessibility, making vTBA a cornerstone technology for the future of connectivity.

  • Reduces dependency on traditional routers and CPEs.
  • Facilitates broader internet access in underserved communities.
  • Lowers installation and total cost of ownership.
  • Improves network efficiency and performance.
  • Supports digital literacy and inclusion efforts.
  • Offers scalable solutions for homes, businesses, and farms.
  • Enhances user experience with customized connectivity.
  • Increases network reliability and uptime.
  • Drives innovation in connected building and smart farming solutions.
  • Promotes sustainable and eco-friendly network practices.

Next Steps

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