Digital Inclusion

Veea believes that digital equity and inclusion are basic human rights, fundamental to the prosperity of citizens, societies, and countries. One-third of the world’s population lacks affordable Internet access. To globally bridge the digital divide, technology solutions must address affordability, accessibility, and adoption. Affordability plays a pivotal role in ensuring that technology is accessible to all socioeconomic backgrounds and geographies. Adoption is made possible through education programs, complemented by innovations in how people and devices connect to the Internet.

Veea solves for digital inclusion and equity with our hyper-converged Edge platform (connectivity, compute, storage) that leverages the most economically favorable and available forms of connecting to the internet (e.g., fiber, 4G/5G, cable, or satellite) while pushing the boundaries of wireless networking infrastructure with novel software techniques. We connect citizens to the Internet affordably, with high rates of adoption, from the remote villages of Far East Asia to rural North America. 

The Challenges of Digital Inclusion

  • Broadband access is essential in everyday life
    • Accessing basic services – information, health care services, education, energy, water, public safety, transportation, government services
  • Digital Divide issue is widespread
    • More prevalent in rural areas, minority populations, unbanked/underbanked communities
  • New approach required
    • Addresses affordability, adoption, accessibility
    • Complement with digital literacy training and commitment to community

Veea-Enabled Benefits of Digital Inclusion


Closing the Digital Divide through a “Wi-Fi First” Connection

Single Access Controller

  • Enables service roaming and policy enforcement at the edge across Access Points for Community Wi-Fi

One-To-Many Approach

  • Cost-effective deployment for dense housing pockets, trailer parks, RV parks, tourist areas and town centers.

Indoor Common Spaces

  • Deployments in common areas (MDUs, dorms, barracks) – combined with wireless meshing – lowers deployment cost

Veea Platform & Enabled Ecosystem


Service Provider Benefits

  • No CPE Needs to be Installed at Customer Premises
  • Dynamic Rules and Policy Management
  • Standardized Interfaces 
  • Flexible Billing Models (e.g., Time, Usage, Devices)

End-User Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Subscription Sharing with “Friends & Family”
  • Real-time & flexible payment options

vTBA: A unique way to solve digital inclusion

Solving the adoption problem

  • Cost Efficiency: Utilizes shared equipment, reducing individual expenses.
  • Ubiquitous Wi-Fi: Connects using familiar tech, lowering barriers to entry.
  • Swift Deployment: 4G/5G-based WAN for quick installations in remote areas.
  • Device Inclusivity: From older tech to the latest, all supported


  • Trust Domains: Customers can access other devices they own securely.
  • Edge-enforced usage and security policies


  • WAN via Fiber, Private 4G/5G, TVWS, an PTMP mid-mile and ANY backhaul
  • Remote monitoring and management of network and IoT Devices

Added Value Use Cases

Home Health Management

  • Medical devices directly connect to health providers –medical broadband, High QoS, non-repudiation – can be paid by insurers
Remote Education
  • Trust domain profiles controlled to provide a simple and safe remote learning experience

Next Steps

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