Edge Management

Veea’s Edge Platform Management services simplify edge network operations, with centralized, cloud-based control. Unlike fragmented and complex legacy approaches, Veea addresses challenges through a single solution for broad edge deployment, scalability and managed service support.

Veea Control Center

Veea Control Center offers a comprehensive portal for managing devices and applications in your system. With the Contror Center, you can easily review the details of your VeeaHubs and mesh network. Furthermore, you can take advantage of deep analytics with the corresponding graphs, which can help you gain meaningful insights into your system performance and potential cost savings when using predictive maintenance techniques.

Device Management
  • Status of meshes, devices, apps
  • Events and notifications
  • Bulk FOTA
Application Management
  • Ability for developers to upload applications
  • Control distribution teams for applications
  • Subscribe to applications
Enterprise Administration
  • SSO with SAML and OpenID Connect
  • Role-based access control
  • Managing groups of meshes
vMesh Analytics and Insights
  • System & Node (CPU, memory, network, storage)
  • Temperature and alerts
  • Wi-Fi (Connected Clients, Signal Strength)
Network Management
  • Database of approved users
  • ‘Over-the-Air (OTA)’ software upgrades
  • 4G/5G for Business Continuity and Secure Access
Site Management
  • Information, Topology & Status
VHM Mockup 1

VeeaHub Manager

The VeeaHub Manager is a mobile application, optimized for Apple iOS and Android devices. It allows for simple, rapid and convenient registration of any VeeaHub device and device mesh.

Additionally, the VeeaHub Manager provides on-the-go diagnostics.

Using the VeeaHub Manager, you can register your VeeaHub to access the necessary licenses and add it to the Control Center. This allows you to monitor and adjust vMesh configurations, as well as provide local control of VeeaHubs.


The Veea Edge Platform offers multiple options to bring an Edge Compute deployment to life. It is designed to be usable by IT teams as well as store managers in order to install, maintain, and manage the network, add connectivity, and deploy and run applications.

VeeaCloud provides the services needed to install, configure, and manage each stage of the Veea Edge Platform deployment. It also offers views and analytics of applications, as well as performance monitoring of the vMesh network.

This combination of central and local orchestration and management of applications ensures that applications will continue running even when public network connections become unreliable or broken.

VeeaCloud hosts the back-end services that enable the required base software to be installed on each VeeaHub after the initial authentication handshake has been activated via the VeeaHub Manager on a mobile device.