Precision Agriculture


  • Effortlessly collect, analyize and act upon data collected from a broad range of sensors
  • The Veea Edge Platform and its IoT Toolkit allow you to connect to a wide range of IoT sensors with connectivity provided by: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee & Thread and LoRaWAN
  • WAN connectivity is provided by optional SD-WAN features
  • Local and remote management and monitoring utilities provided by VeeaCloud

Smart Farming starts with data collection, using soil, water, and weather sensors, cameras, and drones to capture and measure in real time current farm conditions. Cloud-based visual analytics and machine learning are being used to predict and better manage farm resources, and to control automated farm vehicles and equipment. Tying these technologies together into an effective solution requires a complex, secure, reliable multi-protocol communications infrastructure.


Veea’s Edge Computing Platform and IoT Toolkit optimize land use, reduce labor costs, and increase water use efficiency. Veea’s products and services are key infrastructure elements for a number of solution partners. Their solutions leverage the VeeaHub Pro Outdoor model’s wide range of connectivity and expansion options, as well as its LoRaWAN and SD-WAN capabilities, to convey IoT sensor data that farmers can use to understand and manage their critical resources in real time.

The VeeaHub Pro Outdoor family provides a combination of strength and durability in its industrial design, complemented by a plentiful array of connectivity options, to render a user-friendly computing hub that is straightforward to install and maintain, allowing Smart Farming to be reality.
The integration of sensors and farming equipment is simplified through the IoT Toolkit and combined with robust management and monitoring capacities.

Next Steps

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