Connected Buildings

Efficient, Secure, and Connected Building Spaces.


Welcome to the Next-Gen Building Management

Veea's solution, powered by the industry-leading Containerized Portable Niagara from Tridium, transforms buildings into automated, efficient ecosystems. By running this robust software on edge servers, we bring real-time analytics and control directly to your building's infrastructure. This containerization ensures seamless scalability, enhanced security, and unrivaled efficiency, empowering you with smarter, more responsive building management capabilities.

  • Employs edge computing for timely, insightful analytics.
  • Automates systems to optimize energy and resource use.
  • Integrates a network of sensors for thorough monitoring.
  • Ensures secure, expansive network connectivity.
  • Centralizes control for streamlined building management.


Advantages & Outcomes

Achieving Unmatched Efficiency and Control

The combination of Containerized Portable Niagara and edge computing in our solution results in immediate operational benefits. Experience rapid data processing, improved system reliability, and significant cost savings in your building management journey.

  • Major operational cost savings.
  • Drastic reduction in the need for physical maintenance.
  • Unified control system simplifying building management.
  • Significant improvements in energy efficiency, reducing the ecological footprint.
  • Advanced real-time analytics for proactive building management.
  • Containerized Niagara ensures robust, scalable infrastructure.
  • Seamless integration of various building systems and sensors.
  • Enhanced security and data protection with edge computing.
  • User-friendly interface for simplified building operations.

Business Model

Strategically and Economically Forward

Integrating Containerized Portable Niagara on edge servers offers a cost-effective, scalable approach to building management. This strategic deployment leads to reduced overall costs and opens new avenues for operational excellence and innovation.

  • Innovative Technology Integration: Utilizing Containerized Portable Niagara from Tridium, a leading-edge technology, optimized for edge servers. This strategic choice enhances building management capabilities while ensuring system robustness and scalability.

  • Cost-Effective Implementation: The deployment of this containerized solution on edge servers significantly reduces the need for heavy infrastructure investment, leading to lower installation and operational costs.

  • Enhanced Revenue Opportunities: The advanced capabilities of our solution open up new avenues for additional services and amenities, creating potential for increased revenue streams from tenants and users.

  • Scalable and Flexible Solutions: Designed to cater to both small and large properties, our solution offers scalability, ensuring that it is a viable option for a wide range of building types and sizes.

  • Sustainable Business Practices: By promoting energy-efficient operations and sustainable building management, the solution aligns with environmental goals, potentially qualifying for green certifications and incentives.

  • Robust Support and Maintenance Model: With remote management and troubleshooting capabilities, the solution offers a streamlined support model, reducing the need for on-site maintenance and further cutting operational expenses.

Next Steps

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