Today's Consumers are More Mobile Than Ever

Consumers now spend 5+ hours per day on their smartphones. Half of online shoppers use mobile applications. 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside a physical store to look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternate stores. 15 billion mobile connected devices are currently in use worldwide, according to Statista.

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Contextual, Personalized, Data Rich Edge Advertising Edge Services

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Customer Experience is Everything

Great Customer Experience (CX) leads to an emotional connection with consumers, drives loyalty, increases the likelihood of multiple and future purchase, contributes to brand equity, and inspires recommendations to others. Great CX practice consistently and at every point in the customer journey improves ROI, reduces customer churn and acquisitions cost, and results in higher revenues. According to Gartner, “Customer experience is the new marketing battlefront.”

Conquer the Edge to Deliver Immersive, High Impact Experiences

Poor Infrastructure Leads to Frustration

As networks are overwhelmed by the continuing surge of data usage, and clouds are slow to respond, worsening end-to-end latency is deteriorating the consumer experience slow content loads, video blocking and stalls, frozen pages and applications. The most creative and compelling brand promotional campaigns, including video, immersive experiences, AR and VR, end up frustrating consumers, not engaging them.

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Innovations in contextual, personalized and entertaining experiences in retail stores, entertainment centers, hotels, stadiums and arenas and other public venues only work when the edge works – including edge computing, edge connectivity, and edge security, delivering “high definition” interactions that lead to purchases, social sharing, and more. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) puts modern consumers into the center of their own reality, enabling an entirely new medium, integrating online and offline aspects into a single, high impact and memorable consumer experience.

Edge Advertising

Veea AdEdge™ is an advertising platform that runs at the network edge, on the Veea Edge Platform. It supports "just-in-time" advertising experiences for your customers in retail and out-of-home environments.

  • Location-based and prospect-based ad serving
  • Local, low latency ad content caching and playout
  • Instant, context-based coupon serving
  • Local, instant ad conversion attribution
  • API for Point-of-sale (POS) integration
  • Revolutionizing supermarket retail by bridging the online-to-offline (O2O) customer journey and experience
  • Smart shopping algorithms, shopping route planners, facial recognition (as permitted) and big data analytics
  • Highly accurate indoor positioning system
  • Targeted Ad campaigns with location-based personalized and content rich multimedia and immersive experiences
  • Highly interactive and social
    • Ability to provide for store staff, social and brand interactions directly through Trollee display while shopping
    • Friends & family can participate in immersive shopping experiences with real-time connections
  • Highly advanced retail AI platform
  • VeeaHub’s 4G/5G backhaul provides for an independent network at retail locations for connected Trollees, displays and other devices on VeeaHub’s mesh network

Aisle-based ad zones

  • Defined zones can be of various sizes and shapes
  • Ad player cycles thru campaigns assigned to zones
  • Every campaign gets a defined share of voice

Understand Actions


Predict Preferences


Enhance Sales & Loyalty


Reduce Operation Costs

Trollee Shopping Carts

Integrated Content Management System

Multiple data sources and attributes can be associated with each display, allowing campaign- specific targeting goals and overall revenue maximization to be satisfied simultaneously.

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Data Driven Optimization

Advanced Optimizing Scheduler

  • Real-time mapping of campaigns to inventory while minimizing inventory usage and maximizing revenue
  • With each new campaign, re-plans delivery schedules
  • Dynamically re-plans based on changing data
  • All native formats (images, video, flash, HTML5, etc.)
  • Automatic server-side transcoding
  • Dynamic content w/ live feeds
  • Content onboarding workflow
  • VeeaHub caching for optimal bandwidth usage & responsiveness
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AdEdge Architecture

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