Revolutionize Your Advertising

Experience the future of place-based, multi-channel advertising with AdEdge; which redefines customer engagement, combining innovative ad serving with real-time analytics. Tailored for the ever-evolving world of consumerism, AdEdge is your gateway to creating impactful, responsive campaigns, harnessing the power of edge computing for unparalleled customer experiences.

Designed to revolutionize customer experience and engagement, AdEdge streamlines campaign creation, targeting, and real-time optimization. With deep insights into consumer preferences and sophisticated analytics, AdEdge empowers businesses to adapt swiftly to market trends and consumer behaviors. Set to transform retail environments and beyond, AdEdge leverages edge computing to deliver 'just-in-time' advertising, ensuring maximum impact and engagement in an ever-evolving consumer world.

Customer experience is everything

Great Customer Experience (CX) leads to an emotional connection with consumers, drives loyalty, increases the likelihood of multiple and future purchase, contributes to brand equity, and inspires recommendations to others. Great CX practice consistently and at every point in the customer journey improves ROI, reduces customer churn and acquisitions cost, and results in higher revenues. According to Gartner, “Customer experience is the new marketing battlefront.”

AdEdge goes beyond traditional advertising platforms by delivering measurable outcomes that impact your business positively. Understand and predict consumer preferences with precision, enhancing sales and fostering loyalty while providing exceptional customer experiences. AdEdge’s efficient approach significantly reduces operating and ad costs, maximizing your ROI. The platform’s focus on great customer experiences leads to stronger emotional connections with consumers, driving brand loyalty and inspiring recommendations. Innovations in contextual and personalized experiences, supported by edge computing, make AdEdge a catalyst for memorable and effective customer interactions.

  • Fosters deeper understanding of customer actions and preferences.
  • Boosts sales and loyalty through enhanced customer experiences.
  • Significantly reduces operating and advertising costs.
  • Delivers high-impact, personalized retail experiences.
adedge 7
  • Revolutionizing supermarket retail by bridging the online-to-offline (O2O) customer journey and experience
  • Smart shopping algorithms, shopping route planners, facial recognition (as permitted) and big data analytics
  • Highly accurate indoor positioning system
  • Targeted Ad campaigns with location-based personalized and content rich multimedia and immersive experiences
  • Highly interactive and social
    • Ability to provide for store staff, social and brand interactions directly through Trollee display while shopping
    • Friends & family can participate in immersive shopping experiences with real-time connections
  • Highly advanced retail AI platform
  • VeeaHub’s 4G/5G backhaul provides for an independent network at retail locations for connected Trollees, displays and other devices on VeeaHub’s mesh network

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