Smart Buildings

Building stakeholders are starting to adopt Edge Computing technology to help create more intelligent and efficient facilities with automated processes to better control the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, including CCTV cameras, and other systems.

New building constructions, or older structures that have been converted to smart buildings, become living organisms connected to a network with intelligent and adaptable software. Veea simplifies smart building solutions with a unified platform and powerful, multipurpose VeeaHubs.

veea__0006_smart building

VeeaHub® can distribute the power of data processing to the fringes of a system, giving devices, sensors, and gateways the capabilities to act or make decisions locally and not always rely on a Cloud environment. Aligning with building efficiency goals, VeeaHub can handle data processes locally as well as or better than sending the data to a Cloud; and do so more quickly and, at a much lower cost.

VeeaHub Pro models provide a powerful wireless Edge server designed to cost-effectively replace existing Wi-Fi APs for every type of indoor application while facilitating seamless, reliable, and highly secure IoT Connectivity through Modbus and CANbus gateways for Smart Building controls. VeeaHub’s integrated IoT gateway in combination with its Edge Computing power provides for the most powerful and cost-effective solution that is substantially easier to install and maintain compared to alternatives.

For example, building managers can employ machine learning and AI applications supported by the VeeaHub platform to ensure improved structural reliability and minimized harmful ecological impacts along with better comfort, safety, and security; enabling Smart Buildings to command premium rents and transaction prices.