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VeeaHub Pro

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The powerhouse of your business. The all-in-one edge solution for the 21st Century: cost effective, powerful, expandable.

Data center performance, included.

Powerful Wi-F

Enterprise class Wi-Fi APs for every type of indoor application.


MicroSIM and MicroSD cards as well as Power-over-Ethernet support.

Perfect for enterprise

VeeaHub Pro (VHE10) is designed for enterprise applications – letting you have all the power of edge computing for the around the same cost of an enterprise-level Wi-Fi solution.

Expandability included.

VeeaHub Pro comes with MicroSD and MicroSIM slots as well as RS232/422/485 serial port and a Power-Over-Ethernet port for future expandability, connectivity and ease of installation. In addition to the expansion ports, VeeaHub Pro also comes with 2 more Wi-Fi modules, compared to VHC05, and an optional LoRA gateway for long range communications, of over 100km depending on the terrain, with low-power devices.

Manage with ease.

An important feature of VeeaHub Pro model for small business and enterprise users is the ultimate ease of use in managing VeeaHub nodes either locally for one location or remotely for many locations, with changes to the configuration of VeeaHubs propagated by IT staff simultaneously to the entire clusters of nodes at all or only some of the locations. The configuration that is uploaded locally or to remote locations may include updates for system software, applications, or edge-stored content for digital signage, promotional material such as advertising, private or licensed content, coupons or promotions tied to, for example, a proximal marketing program for repeat customers.

You are in control.

You can control your VeeaHubs using Veea Control Center and VeeaHub Device Manager.

Access, on the go. Everything under control – yours.

See what’s possible.

See what you can do with a VeeaHub.

See all solutions  Smart Stores   Making work smarter. Smart Transportation   Connectivity on the move. Smart Cities   Greener and smarter.

Meet the family.

See the rest of the VeeaHub device family.

Designed for remote workers, education, home offices and small business. The powerhouse of your business. Extra-powerful Smart Edge Node. Designed for the harshest of environments.

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