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Edge Computing is Transforming the Future of Business

Gain Your Competitive Edge

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Veea is helping organizations embrace their edge to…

Generate new revenue

Streamline operations and reduce costs

Secure their data

Make faster, more informed decisions

Gain greater agility

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A Winning Combination: Connect + Compute + Secure

At Veea, we make edge computing simpler. VeeaHub Smart Edge Nodes combine connectivity, compute power, and full-stack security on a wireless access point footprint. Multiple VeeaHubs can be wirelessly linked together to provide scalable connectivity and elastic processing capacity across the mesh, giving you power and control at the edge of your network.

Veea Edge Services deliver new edge-powered capabilities and benefits, like edge security, WAN continuity, targeted advertising, and more.

Veea Cloud Management offers simple edge network and services control from the cloud, wherever you are.

Veea Edge Developer Environments include the tools, APIs, and knowledge to empower you to create new solutions, services, and applications that embrace the power of edge computing.

Easy to deploy. Easy to operate. Easy to manage. Easy to scale. And easy for you to build your own edge-powered solutions.

The Veea Edge Platform provides everything you need to quickly and easily tap into the power and benefits of Edge Computing.

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Industries Embracing the Edge

Smart Buildings

Self-managed buildings and campuses. New services that tenants love. Reliable, resilient security and automation; easily deployed, easily managed.

Realize your IoT visions with the Veea Edge Platform.

Remote Workforce and Education

Your users are everywhere. They need access. Your data is distributed. You need protection. And it has to be simple for all of you.

The Veea Edge Platform connects AND protects with just a few clicks

Smart Cities

Municipal services automation. Traffic management and control. Enhanced public safety. Continuous resident communication. Automated emergency services.

The Veea Edge Platform connects the path between imagined possibilities and smart city realities.

Smart Retail

Checkout-free stores. Shopper analytics and targeted advertising. New revenue potential. Automated Inventory management. Facility operations automation.

The Veea Edge Platform is the foundation for the future of retail.

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