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The Better Path to Edge Computing

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Edge Computing is about bringing the power of the cloud closer to users and their devices.

Tomorrow’s applications must be responsive, semi-autonomous and secure. Billions of devices are generating increasing amounts of data, and they can’t send all of that data for processing in a central cloud. That would be slow and expensive.

Why not put the compute power where the devices actually connect?

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Connect + Compute

As we see it, compute power should be as close as possible to where devices – all kinds of devices, from smartphones to sensors – connect to the network.

If edge servers were combined with wireless access devices, they would easily fit into the real world today. No new data closets. No new racks to deploy, no new cables, no new cooling.

If all of those servers could mesh together wirelessly as virtual pool of secure processing capacity – an application mesh – a scalable edge processing solution would be realized. Veea used simple addition to create something entirely new: The Smart Edge Node

The Veea Platform:

A comprehensive platform for edge computing

Smart Edge Nodes and Mesh Technologies

Edge Applications

Edge Developer Tools

Cloud-Based Command and Control

Managed Services

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