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The Veea Edge Platform extends Cloud compute capabilities to the network edge, providing you the benefits of new levels of integration, performance, security, and value. Our platform empowers your own micro-cloud at the network edge, while offering operational simplicity at a highly affordable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Veea simplifies edge computing and communication.

The Veea Edge Platform is your turnkey edge computing and multi-access communications solution, providing everything you need to connect into the power and opportunity of edge computing quickly and easily. With your Veea Edge Platform in place, you can simultaneously support multi-WAN connectivity (Wireless 4G/LTE and Wired) to the internet and public/private clouds, while simultaneously connecting to IoT and user devices.

And the platform’s integrated 4G cellular wireless WAN option includes global service coverage for rapid deployment, while also supporting both Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communications and Zero Trust Networking (“ZTN”). The benefits extend to secure connectivity for distributed enterprise locations including Working From Home (WFH) applications.

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A Guide to Edge Computing

What are the challenges edge computing technology solves? What IoT applications can be enabled by a simple, yet powerful edge computing device? Learn more about edge computing today.

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What’s Better Than Nationwide 4G LTE Unlimited Data at $59.95/month for Remote Workers or Small Businesses?


When it is combined with Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) providing Unified Threat Management (UTM).

Don’t let ransomware block YOUR pipeline or lifeline!

Sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial with or without 4G LTE and experience what even large enterprise users can avail themselves to with their legacy infrastructure!

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Veea Edge Services run across the vMesh to address common edge application needs.

VeeaHub Smart Edge Nodes combine connectivity, compute power, and full-stack security on a wireless access point footprint. VeeaHubs make it easy to build hybrid edge/cloud compute solutions. Multiple VeeaHubs can work together using our proprietary vMesh technology, to form an elastic, scalable, easily deployed and managed connectivity and computation mesh where it is needed most – where people and things connect to the network.

VeeaHubs are also Microsoft Certified for Microsoft Azure IoT and can additionally benefit from a wide range of applications available on Microsoft Azure IoT Marketplace app store for a multitude of use cases.

Veea Edge Platform Management gives you the power to deploy, manage, control, and maintain your edge network assets, applications and services from anywhere, using browser-based, cloud-enabled dashboards and tools.

Veea Edge Developer Environments include the tools, APIs, and knowledge which empower you to create new solutions, services, and applications that leverage the power of edge computing.

With a scalable pricing model to match our platform’s flexibility, it is easy to gain the benefits of our innovative edge connectivity and computation platform.

The Veea Edge Platform powers the digital transformation of things, places, and people.

Smarter Things

Securely connect, monitor, and manage a range of IoT and IIoT devices and sensors; locally collect, store, and operate on the data they generate; accelerate and enhance your edge analytics, ML models, AI-based and algorithmic-driven business decisions; and enable real-time automation and orchestration of edge operations and workloads.

Smarter Spaces

Bring edge computing benefits to private and public venues; support automation and human/machine interaction with or without highly accurate indoor positioning, make spaces safer and more efficient, drive factory productivity, enhance city livability, improve campus efficiency, and facilite the intersection of Information and Operations Technologies (IT/OT).

Smarter Teams

Meet the need for digitally replacing in-person activities, including virtual meetings and events powered by edge-secured connectivity and even collaboration solutions for privacy or cost reasons, simplifying the ability of teams and individuals to work together in one or across multiple locations. Veea Edge Developer Tools make it easier for your teams to create more productive, edge-powered ways to get work done. These tools accelerate that process by offering pre-built services, such as secure connectivity over wired or wireless WAN access, which can be quickly integrated into your applications.

The Connection Between Smart Buildings and Edge Computing

Smart building applications create value for all property types. The enabling infrastructure requires edge computing technology. Learn more about smart buildings today.

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Veea’s Industry First Innovations

The Veea Edge Platform is the first to combine Dual-WAN (wired and wireless broadband Internet connectivity) with a simplified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) + Edge Computing – all through a highly integrated small form-factor supported by plug & play “Zero Touch” installation.

Veea’s breakthrough virtualized edge software architecture enables multiple applications to run securely in lightweight secure Docker containers in complete isolation, with a container-level open software development environment, and application development tools for customers or third-party developers.


Other Key Features

True Mesh Networking

Veea’s unique Wi-Fi and IoT device networking and computing mesh (vMesh) extends the coverage and delivers a much wider range of hybrid edge-cloud applications unlike any other solution.

The entire solution represents one of the lowest TCOs for those use cases requiring a highly integrated and easy to install/manage edge computing solution in a compact form.

Microsoft Azure IoT Integrations and Certifications

VeeaHub Certification and tight integration with the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, along with VeeaHub inclusion in the Azure Certified for IoT device catalog, makes VeeaHub a unique and compelling choice for an integrated Azure IoT Edge Device and Gateway (i.e., currently no other device solution with similar capabilities in a compact form is offered on Microsoft IoT device catalog).

Cloud-based Monitoring and Management Solutions

Veea’s highly secure, easy-to-deploy platform provides a scalable, competitive edge with price-performance and novel applications that can only efficiently run at the network edge.

  • Support all services required to install, configure and manage VeeaHubs during each stage of provisioning and operation
  • Enable authentication, maintenance, performance monitoring and management of VeeaHubs and the associated vMesh networks
  • Access views and analytics for the applications

VeeaCloud offers IT and OT professionals the ability to define and pre-configure bundles of hardware and software, as pre-defined clusters, for rapid roll-out with the goal of minimizing compatibility issues, simplifying network management, and maximizing network security through each network layer.


Centralized Control and Visibility Through a Single Pane of Glass

Combined, the elements of the Veea Edge Platform can be intuitively managed with centralized control and visibility across the entire network. The desktop experience is further complemented by a mobile app for local management of VeeaHubs at the edge.

This unique combination of central and local orchestration and management of applications ensures that applications continue to run even when public network connections become unreliable or broken.

The data collected from the platform’s services, applications, and devices at the edge can be passed to the VeeaCloud platform, where it is normalized and published to any third-party system. This data can also be pushed directly from each VeeaHub to third-party systems over vMesh and the WAN connection to the mesh cluster.

Harmonizing Disparate Elements, Extending Legacy Enterprise Systems

The Veea Edge Platform solves the problem of extracting data from legacy industrial assets like PLCs, DCS’s, robots and controllers, and meets the challenges of interfacing with hundreds of protocols, vast numbers of connected sensors, disparate data sources and incompatible data formats that exist in the wild.


Amplify your edge.

Learn more about our technological prowess and how our real world, in-production use cases are amplifying the network edge.

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