Max2 Announces Corporate Name Change to Veea Inc.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Name change to Highlight its More Broadly Integrated Suite of Products and Services

Today, Veea Inc., formerly Max2, announced company’s name change to emphasize its integrated suite of innovative products and services for smart applications such as Smart Retail, Smart Transportation and Smart City. 

“Taking on the Veea name was a natural progression for us, as it allows us to highlight the integrated nature of the suite of products and services offered to our customers and partners through the Veea platform,” said Allen Salmasi, CEO of Veea Inc. “We’re looking forward to supporting our global partners and customers to accelerate their transition in various smart verticals to businesses that are supported by Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications, fixed and mobile edge computing, transactional network capabilities with various forms of payments, global freedom to roam seamlessly and cost-effectively, and other capabilities that require unique solutions on an end-to-end basis”. 

About Veea Inc.
Veea is a platform company with a suite of innovative products and services for Smart applications. Veea’s platform include an intelligent edge server similar to a WiFi access point, but with the ability to run software applications at customer premises, as well as payment services, Point of Sale (POS) applications, 4G data services with CloudSIM along with highly differentiated iOS and Android-based mobile applications for businesses and their customers. VeeaHub platform supports wireless and IoT applications with a unified wired and wireless computing mesh with all commonly used wireless protocols. VeeaHub enables retailers to run their applications dynamically, cost-effectively and most efficiently at the network edge (e.g., at business locations, inside trains, on city infrastructure, etc.), in the Cloud or both, based on a number of business rules with a set of objectives such as reducing latency, minimizing communications with cloud resources to reduce costs associated with cloud services, providing for backhaul resilience, application data loss prevention or privacy, and ensuring business continuity through running mission critical applications at the edge with cloud back-up services. This platform is further complemented by solutions that augment the real world, providing seamless in- and out-of-store experiences that further helps businesses engage and retain customers through the application of data analytics supported by machine learning and AI. Veea is headquartered in New York City with several offices in the US, Europe and Asia, and is run by an experienced and tenured management team including former senior executives of leading technology, payments and telecom companies. 


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