Developer Tools

Build your own applications for the Veea Edge Platform™. We provide the development environment, tools, and support you need to make it easy!

VeeaHub Toolkit section

VeeaHub Toolkit


The VeeaHub Toolkit (VHT) provides the development environment to create applications that will run in secure Docker containers on VeeaHubs. VHT includes:

  • The VeeaHub Client, a command-line utility designed to help developers easily create, build, and deploy secure Docker user containers for VeeaHubs. It is the primary way for developers to interact with VeeaHub Toolkit. 

  • Custom installations of OpenSC and PKCS11 used for signing containers and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

  • Python scripts for securely signing and verifying containers.

  • Veea root certificate authority as well as license authority and server certificates.

  • 32- and 64-bit Qemu ARM tools for cross-compiling applications for the VeeaHub.

  • A suite of demonstration applications (C3 Templates)

  • And much more...


  • Quickly build VeeaHub Applications to run in Secure Docker Containers, in compliance with the Veea Edge Platform's Chain of Trust
  • Access demonstration apps for rapid learning
  • Leverage container sideloading for simplified testing
  • Easily update software and manage application licensing.

Iot Toolkit

Use our powerful IoT Toolkit to quickly develop highly integrated, secure, cost-effective IoT applications on the Veea Edge Platform.

The IoT Toolkit allows you to build full-featured, multi-interface, reliable, and scalable software applications for your IoT systems by leveraging the power and simplicity of the Veea Edge Platform. You can easily leverage all of the integrated IoT device interfaces that VeeaHubs provide in a single network element:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • LoRaWAN

Built-in protocol stacks let you quickly build applications for the Veea Edge Platform that discover, connect, manage, and control a large number of IoT devices, with support for more devices being continuously added!


  • Built-in device communication stacks that handle the low-level discovery, messaging and control for a wide array of devices. 

  • Quickly deploy your solution  from the Veea Edge Platform's central, cloud-based management portal.

  • Easily scale to demand with Veea’s wireless vMesh and vBus technologies. Add devices or processing resources to your deployed applications and systems, simply by adding VeeaHubs to your network.