As the software foundation of the Veea Edge Platform, VeeaWare embraces the challenges of edge computing. It enables distributed processing across physically separated elements, ensuring seamless coordination and management. VeeaWare is the key to unlocking a highly scalable and secure edge network.


Run your applications securely across a highly scalable edge network


Simultaneously run multiple applications in Secure Docker containers on one or many VeeaHubs


Leverage mesh technologies to scale your edge networks effortlessly


Control, manage and orchestrate your entire network and applications from a single, secure user Interface

Key Features

  • Secure Application Run: Operate applications securely across the edge network.
  • Multiple Application Support: Run various applications in Secure Docker containers on VeeaHubs.
  • Mesh Network Integration: Utilize mesh technology for easy scaling of edge networks.
  • Centralized Control: Manage and orchestrate your network and applications from a unified interface.
  • Resource Optimization: Leverage Linux-based software for efficient resource utilization across the network.
  • Robust Security: Maintain platform security with a Chain of Trust architecture, starting from hardware keys in VeeaHubs.


VeeaWare brings a suite of business benefits that streamline deployment, enhance security, and reduce operational costs. Its capability to run multiple applications securely and efficiently on VeeaHubs simplifies deployment processes. The integration of mesh technology ensures easy scalability, reducing the need for extensive infrastructure investment.

Centralized control and robust security features offered by VeeaWare not only protect your network but also streamline management tasks, leading to faster testing and deployment. These features collectively result in substantial cost savings and increased operational efficiency, making VeeaWare an ideal solution for businesses seeking to optimize their edge computing capabilities.

What will your competitive edge be?

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