Smart Homes with STAX@Home


  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Unified - One App Solution
  • Choice of Edge Devices & Peripherals
  • Easy to Manage
  • Designed to be Cost-effective
  • 24X7 Tier 2 Support for Service Providers

STAX@HOME is a Turnkey Solution for Service Providers with unprecedented speed, security and simplicity, delivering a premium customer experience and driving more data consumption and service revenues. ​With super fast connectivity and mesh computing that optimizes all the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, this “magic box” represents the future of smart home innovation and growth.

SHaas Smart HomeSTAX@Home: A full solution

  • Every smart device connects to and communicates with other smart or connected devices in the home.
    • For example, the security system needs to exchange data and commands with the home’s environmental controls (i.e., heating and air conditioning), leak detection, lighting, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.​
  • Smart devices are made intelligent. More than being programmed to perform certain functions at certain times
    • A smart home solution should be a learning platform and should recognize what is going on in a home and learn what is normal. And when something unexpected happens, take action and/or send an alert to the residents, proper authorities, caregivers or family members.
  • All these functions are managed from a single application on a smart phone or any other web connected device such as a tablet.
    • Currently, most connected devices and appliances offer their own app to manage and control operations. Smart home end-users do not want to shuffle through a screen full of various apps.
  • All functions are managed independently at the edge by STAX
    • VeeaCloud services providing for redundancy, supplementary and value-added services, customer support and connection to SHaaS service providers’ Cloud.
  • Highly secure connections and application environment.

Smart Home-as-a-Service (SHaaS) is offered through service providers.
Read our press release for more details.

Next Steps

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