Cloud to Edge Climate Smart Agriculture


Technology and Investment Partners

  • Honeywell (Tridium Subsidiary) 
  • MicroClimates 
  • Opti-Harvest 
  • Sway AI 
  • Trilogy 
  • USAID 
  • ViaSat 

Country Partners

  • PT Bum Desa (Indonesia) 
Outcome Targets

Veea provides hyper-converged edge computing, for connectivity and a security device that sits at the “device edge” where people places and things connect to networks focused specifically on the enablement of connecting sensors and actuators to small-holder farms in emerging and nascent nations. The goal: To enable edge applications with real-time data merged with cloud-based data to increase productivity and reduce resource utilization and waste in the agriculture value chain.

Increase In Productivity and Farm Incomes

Through the application of Precision Agriculture applications at the user edge connected to smallholder farms combined with a seed-to-table Agri-tech Cloud Platform. The goal is to increase productivity on smallholder farms by applying proven techniques proven in farming communities around the world.

Sustainability Impact

Technologies deployed in this innovation sprint are projected to reduce water, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, and energy usage as demonstrated in worldwide deployments to date.

The combination of real-time sensing on the smallholder farm with the Veea Edge Platform (on a cloud-based smart agricultural platform), connects the typically unconnected farmers to a “seed to table” capability that optimizes their yield and minimizes waste from crop loss or leakage in the supply chain due to spoilage due to inefficient matching of supply and demand. 

Increased Investment in Climate Smart Innovations 

Veea and its partners are actively soliciting public and private investment to support its ongoing Digital Equity and Inclusion activities in Indonesia, and beyond with food security and sustainable climate-smart agriculture being an intimate part of the investment thesis in these countries.

Our collaboration with USAID is targeting the expansion of these activities to 10 countries in the most unconnected places where smallholder farms are the lifeblood of the food supply. The Veea edge sensor network and edge smart agriculture infrastructure are embedded in the deployment plans underway in thousands of villages in Indonesia in 2024. 

To further our goals, we seek to integrate into a cloud-enabled smart agricultural platform to generate initial modeling from these traditionally weak digital infrastructure areas by the end of the first half of 2024 to speed up the benefits we are seeking to the smallholder farms1 

[1] Dr. Shawana P. Johnson, GISP Global Food Security Subject Matter Expert, Small Holder Farmers and Digital Infrastructure Needs, “Persistent Low Earth Orbit: AI and Flood Risk Management – Needs from the Edge”, UNESCO International Geoscience Programme (IGCP734)- Realtime Flood Risk Assessment in Developing Countries Using Multiple Inputs  - Social Media, Optical and SAR Satellite Data (REFRA-SOS), Cameroon, Africa, Oct. 15, 2022.