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Our products are designed to increase the efficiencies of your business operations and decrease your workload. From Veea to VeeaPay, they are all a part of the VeeaHub Platform: a revolutionary business and communications platform that bridges the virtual world with the physical world while extending the computing from cloud to the edge where it is more reliable, more responsive, lower cost and safer.
Systems Discover the VeeaHub family of intelligent wireless hubs.
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Perfect for home and small business.

The powerhouse of your business.

Designed for the harshest of environments.

Moving transportation into the future.

Services From payments to device management, Veea offers innovative and easy to use services to complement your business.

Smart payments and beyond.

More than a POS.

Control your VeeaHubs with ease.

Mobile Apps Discover our apps for phones and tablets running iOS and Android.

Discover the world around you.

Your business in your hands.

Set up and manage VeeaHubs with ease.