Energy & Utilities

Industrial IoT (IIoT) edge solutions are game-changing for the energy and utilities industry. IIoT-connected machines capture and communicate real-time data more accurately and consistently than previously possible, and the benefits of this actionable data are far-reaching, especially as generators and distributors of power - and increasingly conscious businesses and consumers - wish to manage energy consumption and control costs.

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The Veea Edge Platform™ provides the connectivity and compute power necessary to instrument, monitor, manage, protect, and generally improve the entire energy ecosystem. Veea Smart Computing Hubs work across all major communications, networking. and edge compute protocols, support all major sensors, and serve to connect edge networks to cloud applications - faster than ever before with the rise of 5G networks.

VEEA Wind Farm
Benefits of Edge Connectivity, Compute and Security for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Optimized Infrastructure Utilization
Connected machines give operators insights into infrastructure health and maintenance scheduling, including predictive and prescriptive maintenance. Real time data helps operators of traditional and alternative power systems the ability to reduce or eliminate expensive downtime.
Advanced, Intelligent Management of Physical Assets 
IoT-connected environmental sensors can monitor conditions such as vibrations, temperature, humidity, and more. They can detect conditions that negatively impact operations or cause excessive wear and tear to equipment. By controlling lighting in smart cities, for example, costs can be reduced, and energy resources conserved.
Local and Remote Management and Field Service 
By adding sensors to equipment, that equipment can be tracked locally, using a mesh network, like Veea’s vMesh, or remotely when multiple energy facilities and edge devices are managed over a single view. Combining edge connect, compute and secure capabilities, with data stored and acted on locally then shipped to a centralized cloud, means assets across various systems and geographies can be monitored and controlled remotely, allowing for a greater degree of operational and cost control including reducing or eliminating "truck rolls" altogether.
Data Monitoring and Management
Connected software allows operators, engineers, and managers to monitor data through HMIs (human-machine interfaces), including desktop, tablet, and smartphone applications. Veea’s platform includes intuitive interactive web and mobile applications, making it easy for employees without IT skills to interact with and be supported by connected energy management in a systematic, modernized fashion. Centralizing data and institutionalizing knowledge are critical to continuous improvement efforts within large and dispersed energy providers.