Edge Services

new edge services

Veea offers a variety of software applications that can be used on their own, in combination, or as complements to your own edge applications. These services can dramatically accelerate your development life-cycle, and help you get your solutions to market quickly. 

AI and Vision Systems

Build edge applications that leverage AI-powered vision systems processing on the Veea Edge Platform™

  • Object recognition and identification
  • Training / Machine Learning
  • Inference-based decision-making

Edge Advertising

Veea AdEdge™ is an advertising platform that runs at the network edge, on the Veea Edge Platform. It supports "just-in-time" advertising experiences for your customers in retail and out-of-home environments.

  • Location-based and prospect-based ad serving
  • Local, low latency ad content caching and playout
  • Instant, context-based coupon serving
  • Local, instant ad conversion attribution
  • API for Point-of-sale (POS) integration

Public & Guest Branded Wi-Fi

Offer your visitors and guests a branded complimentary Wi-Fi experience served from the Veea Edge Platform.

  • Local, low-latency delivery of your targeted content
  • Perfect for retail, dining, entertainment, professional office venues, and more.
  • Fully customized, branded experience. Serve menus, service announcements, product ads, offerings, previews.
  • Entertain and educate your guests in the waiting room.
  • Supports customer retention and repeat visits

Smart IoT Gateway

Build your IoT solutions faster than you thought possible! The Smart IoT Gateway Edge Service allows you to quickly build your solutions with a variety of different IoT device types and WAN backhaul technologies, using local VeeaHub-hosted applications, Cloud applications, or hybrid edge-cloud processing solutions - all on a single VeeaHub. 

  • Eliminate the multi-box/multi-vendor problems of typical IoT gateway solutions.
  • Built-in discovery for a wide array of IoT device types
  • Built-in interoperability with popular IoT cloud services
  • Simple solution scalability using vMesh and vBus technology across multiple VeeaHubs.

Wireless WAN

The Wireless WAN Service provides Global Wireless coverage which you may use as the primary or backup connection to the cloud.

  • Easily add WWAN support to your solutions
  • Simple service setup
  • Subscription-based service billing
  • Dynamic failover switching
  • Integrated, single box WAN/LAN IoT Solution