What is the TROLLEE?

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  • A Transformative Smart Retail solution that enhances sales revenue and reduces operational expenses through the application of edge computing technology, AI and analytics.
  • A platform for providing shoppers and retailers the benefits of online shopping’s rich data experience along with the “hands-on” physical consumer experience.
  • A “delight delivery platform” for shoppers which enhances customer retention and profitability.
  • A solution that drives higher conversion rates through “Just-in-time” promotions, while reducing checkout and inventory management expenses.
  • A combination of the TROLLEE cart interface, an edge-computing platform, software algorithms and Artificial Intelligence/Edge Intelligence (AI/EI).

Your in-store customized advertising platform

  • Serve targeted, just-in-time ads based on a customer’s location and profile.
  • Drive higher conversion rates.
  • Link purchases to the ad spend, offering a clear ROI to your advertisers.

multimediaLarge sized, touch-responsive, multimedia hub for content rich engagement experience.

mapA highly accurate, easy to install and cost-effective indoor positioning system triggers relevant advertisement and messages at the right moment.

microchipAI capabilities* prompt tailored and personalized advertisement prior and post store visit.

smileyVision analytics capture data to analyze reactions and emotions for customer journey optimization.

*Optional TROLLEE feature


Increase sales. Reduce costs. Make customers happier.

A Completely New Source of Revenue

  • With TROLLEE and the Veea Edge  Platform’s combined AdEdge digital advertising solution, Retailers benefit from increased sales and new ad-driven revenue sources.

Reduced Operational Complexity and Costs

  • Shoppers find what they need more efficiently while checkout is streamlined, reducing staffing requirements.
  • Using machine learning and AI analysis of traffic patterns, the store planogram can be highly optimized for most shoppers.

Gain Knowledge of Additional Revenue & Cost Saving Opportunities

  • Big Data collected from TROLLEE offers many new revenue and cost saving opportunities to retailers.
  • Capture information on traffic patterns, dwell times, shopper behavior and mood throughout the customer journey, and min/mean/max service times to predict satisfaction.

When we say smart – we mean smart.

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What’s in store for the future of retail?

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Groundbreaking innovation. Global partnership.

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TROLLEE proprietary hardware and software capabilities

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Customer Journey

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TROLLEE precise micro targeting

Edge Advertising

Veea AdEdge™ is an advertising platform that runs at the network edge, on the Veea Edge Platform. It supports "just-in-time" advertising experiences for your customers in retail and out-of-home environments.

  • Location-based and prospect-based ad serving
  • Local, low latency ad content caching and playout
  • Instant, context-based coupon serving
  • Local, instant ad conversion attribution
  • API for Point-of-sale (POS) integration
  • Revolutionizing supermarket retail by bridging the online-to-offline (O2O) customer journey and experience
  • Smart shopping algorithms, shopping route planners, facial recognition (as permitted) and big data analytics
  • Highly accurate indoor positioning system
  • Targeted Ad campaigns with location-based personalized and content rich multimedia and immersive experiences
  • Highly interactive and social
    • Ability to provide for store staff, social and brand interactions directly through Trollee display while shopping
    • Friends & family can participate in immersive shopping experiences with real-time connections
  • Highly advanced retail AI platform
  • VeeaHub’s 4G/5G backhaul provides for an independent network at retail locations for connected Trollees, displays and other devices on VeeaHub’s mesh network

Aisle-based ad zones

  • Defined zones can be of various sizes and shapes
  • Ad player cycles thru campaigns assigned to zones
  • Every campaign gets a defined share of voice

Understand Actions


Predict Preferences


Enhance Sales & Loyalty


Reduce Operation Costs

Trollee Shopping Carts

Faster, more engaging and most rewarding shopping experience, including pre-arrival and post-arrival stages

  • Every advertising campaign is different
    • Creatives: dynamic, chained, synced, format
    • Timeframes: weekpart/daypart, specific day/time combos, alternating days or weeks
    • Displays: specific units, groups, rotations
    • Targeting: points of interest, activities, audiences
    • Goals: plays, plays/display, total share of voice, daily share of voice, impressions
    • Guarantees: fixed-placement, guaranteed preemptible/nonguaranteed, best effort
  • Full range of campaign goals & constraints
  • Data-driven/responsive creatives
  • Scheduling tools optimally assign campaigns to inventory (specific display at specific time)
    • Satisfy every campaign
    • Maximize total revenue

Transforming Retail



Qualcomm Technologies provides the foundation for future IoT innovation.

Veea provides Edge Computing with connectivity and elastic application mesh.