Veea, Trilogy Networks with Hurst Farms & Greenery Announce the Commercial Deployment of their Revolutionary Agriculture Infrastructure Platform for True Data-Driven Farming

Companies join with Microclimates to Deliver Advanced Precision Greenhouse Technology Solutions for Hurst Greenery, improving quality and yield, while reducing risk, costs, and environmental impacts.

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Trilogy Networks gives enterprises a new way to collect, compute, transport and protect data at the edge to improve operational efficiency and lower costs, while Veea provides a unified computing and communications fabric that enables any cloud to any endpoint and device at the edge. 

Veea and Trilogy have partnered with Microclimates, an emerging company that specializes in all phases of data gathering and process control for climate-controlled environments, to package their combined precision agriculture solution with Microclimates’s affordable, scalable universal control system that monitors temperature, humidity, CO2, watering and ambient light, which can include hundreds of sensors, with 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

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The packaged solution has been implemented with forward-thinking Hurst Farms & Greenery, a Westboro, Missouri based business that operates 30 greenhouses, comprising 130,000 square feet under cultivation. Hurst also operates over 1,000 acres of corn and soybean crops.

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“Trilogy brought us a complete greenhouse automation solution, integrating Veea’s edge and cloud computing and orchestration capabilities, and Microclimate’s software and sensors system fully integrated, which simplified the initial implementation and ongoing monitoring and management,” said Blake Hurst. “We quickly recognized savings and are now scaling up given the benefits – healthier plants, increased revenue, energy and water cost savings, and productivity gains given the automation and ability to remotely monitor and control all our greenhouses.”