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Veea Support
Processing Transactions

After pairing your devices, to accept a card payment:

  • Select “Create New Payment” from the VeeaPay (home screen).
  • Select an item from your inventory list, build a ticket or input a transaction amount.
    • If you have configured a tip screen, your customer may then select the amount of the tip.
    • If you have configured sales taxes, they will be automatically calculated and added to your transaction amount
  • After the Credit/Debit selection and the tip amount has been selected, tap “Yes.”
  • Follow the instructions on the vCube to process the payment.
    • An EMV credit or debit card is inserted at the bottom of the vCube.
    • An MSR card without a chip is swiped across the top of the vCube from left to right.
    • A contactless card, and other contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay will be tapped at the back of the vCube
  • When prompted:
    • Customer enters their pin into the vCube in case of a PIN debit card
    • Presses the green arrow on the vCube to proceed.
  • Once the card is accepted, the device screen will display a confirmation of the transaction.

Print, email or sms the transaction receipt.


What's Next?

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