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Veea Support
Pairing your vCube

To pair a vCube with an Android device:

  • Turn on your vCube
  • Open Manage Devices from the VeeaPay Dashboard
  • Click search icon in the bottom right of the screen, the Bluetooth discovery dialog box will appear.  Select Card Readers, then select Start Discovery
  • After the app discovers the vCube, the vCube's serial number will be listed.  
  • Select the vCube and the pairing code will be displayed in the app and the vCube.  After confirming the pairing code in both the app and vCube, pairing will be complete.




To pair a vCube with an iOS device:

  • Turn on the vCube
  • On your iOS device, tap Settings > Bluetooth, stay on the Bluetooth screen until the vCube appears, 
  • Tap on the listed vCube, the pairing code will be displayed in the app and the vCube.  Tap "pair" on your device and the green arrow on the vCube.
  • Next, go to VeeaPay Dashboard > Manage Devices >Refresh vCubes > Connect.   


Problems upgrading your vCube? Please click here for troubleshooting tips.

If your vCube needs a software upgrade, follow the prompts on your app or click here for instructions on how to update your vCube.

What's Next?

Once your devices are paired and updated, you may customize your VeeaPay settings to suit your business.