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Customizing VeeaPay for your Business

To customize your VeeaPay settings, tap the setting icon iconSettings.svg in the upper right corner of the screen.

Sales Tax

Specify the sales tax percentage applicable to your products or services. The sales tax percentage specified will be applied to all payments until changed.


Tipping Options

If your business accepts tips or gratuities, you may specify up to three (3) suggested tip options (for e.g., 15%, 18%, 20%) that your customers may choose. Your customers also will be able to select a custom tip percentage while making a payment.



The easiest way for your customers to keep track of their transactions is through receipts.  With VeeaPay, you may send receipts to your customers via email or SMS; or print physical copies for your customers. 

Providing receipts to your customers also reduces the risk of Chargebacks. For more information on chargebacks, click here.

IMG_0188.PNG       IMG_0162-1.png


Menu items come and go, and flavors change with the seasons. Keeping track of them all can be a challenge! Add your business inventory through the View and Update Inventory option on the VeeaPay home screen.


What's Next?

Once your VeeaPay settings are set, you're ready to process your first payment.