A Smarter Point-of-Sale Solution.

We’ve built VeeaPOS to be your one-stop for everything related to your business. It is the ultimate all-in-one Point-of-Sale solution for small businesses.


VeeaPOS is an integrated all-in-one POS platform that supports both small merchants who require just a full-featured POS solution and retailers who require an omnichannel solution.

Employee Management

Set employee schedules, calculate commissions, monitor time clock, and more.

Business Intelligence

Get a quick overview of the performance of your business presented in beautiful charts and graphs, all with real-time data.

Loyalty Programs Support

A fully customized experience allows you to tailor marketing and promotions to customers based on their behavior and preferences.


Create a truly omni-channel customer experience by enabling effective eCommerce and in-store integration.

Multi-location Support

Allows you to deploy and manage multiple locations quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively with VeeaPOS.

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