The little box that can.

Bring your in-store experience to the next level with an easy-to-use small box that can provide features your customers and employees dream of when they walk in.

The next step in cloud computing is here.

Introducing a cutting edge, smart and affordable edge computing solution that brings the cloud to you. Designed to fit your business' needs, VeeaHub brings technologies that will bring experiences both you and your customers will enjoy while keeping down costs.

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VeeaHub App Store

VeeaHub comes with its own App Store where you can install and customize applications that fit your need. With the App Store and application development kits, the only limit to what VeeaHub can do is your imagination.

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Small box. Powerful hardware.

VeeaHub is not just edge computing, it is cutting edge computing. With a powerful 64-bit quad-core CPU, fast RAM, 32 GBs of eMMC Flash, unique mash capabilities, secure boot, ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular connection capabilities, you will not have to worry about it slowing you down.

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What can VeeaHub do for you?

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination, but here are some ways how VeeaHub can help you and your business.

Secure guest Wi-Fi

No need to give out passwords - with VeeaHub you can easily create a guest Wi-Fi for your customers that is secure and separate from your business network.

Push deals and promotions

VeeaHub allows you to push targeted promotions and deals to your in-store customers using an embedded marketing beacon. And with edge computing, your promotional videos load faster than ever.

Secure in-store messaging

With industry leading security standard, you can keep in touch with your employees with ease. VeeaHub also provides automated employee tracking and tasking capabilities so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Availability & Sales

Please contact us at for sales inquiries.

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