Your business in your hands.

VeeaConnect allows you to connect with your customers with ease. With staff management, payment services, promotion and deals management as well as your product catalog, everything you need is now in one app. VeeaConnect is available on iOS and Android.

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Connect & Inform

VeeaConnect allows you to connect to your customers who use the Veea app. With VeeaConnect, you can not only get real-time feedback and questions, but you can also create promotions and deals, royalty programmes, and alert them of upcoming events and changes.

Staff management

VeeaConnect lets communication with your staff easier: no more jumping from text to messenger to call to confirm shifts. Team Chat lets you do it all from the comfort of one handy app.


VeeaConnect comes with SmartTargeting, which pushes your deals, promotions, events and other content to potential customers intelligently. We will identify Veea users who are most likely to be interested, not only saving you money but also saving you the headache of frustrated customers.

Take Payments

VeeaConnect, coupled with VeeaPay, allows you to process payments easily using your device and our vCube payment terminal. With our PCI compliant and EMV-enabled hardware supporting Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, you will be prepared for the future.

Tailored to you

VeeaConnect comes with multiple packages that you can select to fit your needs.

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