Go Places.

Veea® allows customers to discover and interact with places and businesses that interest them. Veea is available for free for Apple iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices.

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Veea allows its users to discover new venues by proximity as well as curated (either by Veea Team or Veea users) collections and share their favorite businesses with their friends.

Real-time Happenings

No more outdated ratings. No more questionable reviews written by disgruntled “regulars” who need to step away from the caps lock key. Contributions disappear when they are no longer relevant, and are carefully vetted for accuracy.

Pay with ease

With Veea Wallet, you can pay at participating merchants without even pulling out your wallet.

Promotions and Deals

Get exclusive promotions and deals from participating merchants.

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Veea is available for iOS and Android free of charge.

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