Smart Cities

Smart Cities – Industry 4.0, climate change, population growth and migration to major urban centers, and many other factors are shaping our cities and societies around the globe. Smart Cities are the foundations of Smart Societies of the future.

Develop an array of smart city solutions on our unified platform supporting edge connectivity, computing, and security, with ruggedized equipment and your choice of networking protocols – from LoRa to 5G NB-IoT and more.

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Smart Cities are supported by tens of thousands of different types of cameras and millions of sensors throughout the city. In many cases, it is too costly or impractical to provide wired connections to cameras and sensors.

Our Pro Outdoor model is designed with an industrial-grade weatherproof enclosure that creates a wide-area mesh between wired and wireless indoor and outdoor VeeaHub® units.

City administrators and various city agencies can provision the installed VeeaHub units remotely and deploy applications (developed by the city or third parties) from the App Store and remotely manage the entire citywide network from one Network Operations Center supported by VeeaCloud’s MAS.

VeeaHub’s distributed computing platform deployed throughout the Smart City permits pre-processing of terabytes of data generated by connected sensors and video streams through the applications running locally on VeeaHubs.

This unique capability substantially reduces the traffic to the Cloud, which is the costliest facet of Cloud computing, by limiting the data sent to the Cloud to that which is required for monitoring and supervisory command and control, including management of various services, analytics, long term storage, and similar purposes.

In fact, the applications can continue to operate in the absence of a connection to the Cloud, which is a general requirement for mission-critical applications.