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VeeaHub Pro RT

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Tech Specs
Moving transportation into the future. Designed for Smart Rail applications, VeeaHub Pro RT is designed to transform the way people think about railways by transforming their experiences.

IP54 certification with operating temperatures between -20°C to 50°C.

Powerful Wi-Fi

Enterprise class Wi-Fi APs for every type of application.


MicroSIM and MicroSD cards as well as Power-over-Ethernet support.

Keeps you on track.

VeeaHub Pro RT (VHHR06) for Smart Transportation applications bring together distributed computing, communications and a virtualized application environment in a localized mesh network across all rail carriages. As smart transportation changes the way passengers travel, the need for reliable connectivity, access to content ushers a new era of services for transit agencies and travelers. From ongoing predictive track maintenance and staff communication to streaming media contents servers and CCTV functionality, VeeaHub Pro RT provides endless opportunities.

Designed for rail. Perfect for everywhere.

The solution combines the installation of a number of VeeaHub Pro RT models to create a secure vMesh network together with local storage and processing. The system has been designed and certified for deployment on UK railcars, supported by an initial preloaded set of applications, targeted at the rail industry and its passengers. Given the intermittent backhaul connection to the Internet, applications will be able to provide useful functions during travel, even when in tunnels or outside of cellular coverage areas. VeeaHub’s software development environment offer the unique ability to the operators and their developers to implement highly customized Smart Rail applications.

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