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Card Reader
Virtual Terminal
Swipe, dip and tap with ease. Our pocket-sized and powerful card reader.
Portable & Wireless

vCube is designed so you can accept payments in-store and on the go.

Get paid in more ways

Swipe, dip and tap cards – and also accept cardless payments.

Safe, Secure & Integrated

EMV certified, with industry-leading encryption and PCI compliance.

Dip, tap and swipe.

Portable and wireless, vCube is designed so you can accept payments in-store and on-the-go. You can now dip, tap and swipe cards with ease as well as accept mobile payments such as Apple Pay.

Perfect match.

vCube is designed to work with our merchant app and integrate with VeeaPay seamlessly – you can set it up and start getting paid in minutes.

More than a card reader.

Do more than just get paid: with vCube’s embedded Bluetooth marketing beacon, you can push targeted promotions and deals to nearby customers with ease.

Wireless & portable.

vCube connects to your mobile device wirelessly, using Bluetooth. This allows you to take payments anywhere, anytime with ease – you no need to carry cables or plug anything into your phone.

Small but powerful.

Measuring 82 mm x 69 mm and weighting only 105 grams, vCube is designed to be as light and portable as possible as to not weigh you down.

Best of all? It’s free.

New merchants who sign up for VeeaPay gets the vCube free of charge.

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