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Veea’s Edge Services leverage the power of local processing at the edge of the network to solve problems that cannot be addressed with central cloud processing; Providing an edge data security perimeter for your business. Offering localized advertising and monetization opportunities. Keeping your business running with Wireless WAN when your wired broadband connection fails, or simply using Wireless WAN where wired broadband is unavailable. And we are just getting started.

Edge Services are available in both Managed and Unmanaged forms, to best meet your specific needs.


The vTPN Security Service delivers super-simple edge-powered enterprise-grade security for your data, wherever you are, on whatever device you are using. Simple to set up, Simple to manage, Simple to use. vTPN keeps you Simply Protected.

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NEW: IoT Toolkit

Quickly develop highly integrated, multi-interface IoT applications at the edge, with industry-leading ROI.
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Branded Wi-Fi

Provide secure, fast Wi-Fi to your customers with your branding to engage and retain in-store customers.

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4G Failover

Don’t let your broadband connection bring your business down. Fast and reliable connectivity with automatic switching is here.

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Inform and engage your customers to drive up revenue and generate interest.

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Edge Development Kit

Develop and distribute your own custom apps using the 3rd Party Edge Development kit.

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