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Veea Control Center

Open Control Center
Everything under control – yours. A one-stop management portal for all your VeeaHubs where you can add and edit your devices as well as the apps that run on them.

Access and control all your VeeaHubs with ease.

Install hundreds of apps from VeeaHub App Store with just one click.

Access help, tutorials, developer documentations and more.

Write, test and deploy your own applications using the Developer Center.

Manage, monitor and enjoy.

A one-stop portal for management and monitoring of all your VeeaHub devices and applications where you can add and configure from one to thousands of devices from one interface while managing the apps that run on them. Veea Control Center is designed for ease of use and is used to install and deploy apps most conveniently from its App Store in a similar fashion that apps are distributed for smartphones from various app stores.

VeeaHub App Store

A wide range of apps and services. One click install. Open 24/7.

VeeaHub App Store provides for a wide range of apps and services that are developed by Veea or its partners, third party developers and, eventually, by your developers. To run apps on VeeaHubs, just go to the App Store, select the app you want and click install on one or hundreds of VeeaHubs – that’s all there is to do for whatever your application may be.

Veea will be offering a wide range of apps such as highly accurate Indoor Positioning System (IPS); IoT device monitoring and management, including such things as control of lights, thermostats and security cameras; digital signage content management; analytics of customer dwell times with heat maps, bi-directional omnichannel sales and proximal marketing for retailers; and, in the future through its developer partners, space, workforce task management and automation; managing robotic arms on the factory floor or traffic lights throughout a major metropolitan area with machine learning and video analytics.

Code. Submit. Deploy.

Make your VeeaHub truly yours.

Not finding what you need – or feeling adventurous? Hop on to the Veea Developer Center to get the VeeaHub SDK – containing all the information and tools you need to start writing your own apps and submit them to the app store, giving you limitless ways to bring incredible apps to users around the world. Hardware, software, and services are designed from the ground up to work together so you can build intuitive, multi-faceted experiences that are genuinely seamless.

You can write your code using C, C+ +, NodeJS, Python and Go with ease and deploy them locally and remotely to your own private partition on the VeeaHub App Store as well as optionally making them available to the public partition in the VeeaHub App Store.

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