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Go Places. Explore the world around you and interact with whatever you are interested in.

Discover new venues by proximity and curated collections and share with friends.

Real-Time Happenings

No more outdated ratings. Contributions disappear when they are no longer relevant.

Pay with ease.

With Veea Wallet, you can pay at participating merchants without even pulling out your wallet.

Promotions and deals

Get exclusive promotions, deals and coupons from your favorite businesses.

Get real-time information

No more outdated ratings. No more questionable reviews written by disgruntled “regulars” who need to step away from the caps lock key. Contributions disappear when they are no longer relevant, and are carefully vetted for accuracy.

View & create collections

Wander off the beaten path and discover something new with Veea Collections. Check out a featured business in our carefully curated Collections — or create and share your own!

Find new places

Browse our carefully curated collections to find your new favorite spot.


Share and follow collections or create your own.

Plan with friends

Create a Plan and invite friends to pitch in, suggest alternative venues, and vote on a final time and place — all in one app. No more switching between apps and texts to keep your friends up-to-date.

Interact with your favorite places.

Don’t just review or read about businesses – interact with them. Veea lets you ask questions, join queues, make reservations and even pay without taking out your wallet. And get rewarded for contributing with trophies and discounts.


Make reservations and join the “virtual queue” so your table is ready when you get there.


Win trophies and lootboxes for contributing to the community.


Get notified of promotions and deals from your favorite businesses.

Requires iOS 10 or later Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later

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