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Smart Retail
Deliver outstanding connectivity and services in-store.

Veea RetailHub brings together all in-store Cloud and connectivity services and data into one device – with settings that harmonise those services and put you in control. Letting you create unique experiences for your customers and staff. VeeaHub is designed to complement or minimize your dependency of third-party cloud services all while providing the same functionality. Use VeeaHub to better understand and serve your customers and drive up business.


Security Cameras

View and record camera footage from Control Center.

Audio Streaming

Create and play playlists right from the Veea Control Center. You can also create multiple zones for different playlists.

In-Store Marketing & Digital Signage

Let your customers know about specials, offers, discounts and new products.

Security Systems

Keep your store safe with security system integrations.

Proximity Marketing

Deliver targeted ads to customers that are interested in your products with ease.


Track your inventory and orders.

Affordable and reliable.

Veea RetailHub supports multiple wireless connections, including cellular failover in case of outages, ensuring no break in transaction processing or customer applications.

Our all-in-one solution, combining wireless mesh with edge computing, increases reliability and cost efficiency. A software platform based on open standards allows retailers large and small to develop, deploy and upgrade services easily, and there is an enterprise app store to make it even easier to add new capabilities for store management or for customers.

Improved shopper experience.

High speed, reliable connectivity is a key requirement for shoppers and they are more likely to linger in the store, and return to it, if this is available. The experience is further enhanced if they can also make use of localized data services enabled by the edge node.

With Veea RetailHub these range from improved responsiveness for augmented reality applications; personalized promotions or product information; streaming of specialized content; and new, more convenient payment options. All these differentiate the store’s experience from that of competitors, and from online-only purchasing.

Improved security and control.

Veea RetailHub is fully under the store’s control, with limited need for data to pass back and forth to the central cloud. That can improve security of transactions and communications in-store, reducing losses from fraud, as well as making transactions faster and more efficient to process.

Secure guest WiFi is supported within the location, with no need to issue passwords. he Hub can improve security in other ways, for instance by supporting near-real time analytics of data from CCTV cameras or about customer behaviour.

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