In a hyper-connected world, the edge has the potential to make everything better.


We serve the markets that serve a smarter world. 

When speed, security, resiliency, data integrity, and support matter, we’re there to help innovators in these markets take their ideas and inventions to the next level, scaling to serve millions.

Commercial Real Estate

The Veea Edge Platform™ integrates AQM sensors, Building Management Systems, intelligent ad-display, and 4G backhaul to deliver “safe”, healthy, and inviting commercial building environments thereby improving tenant experiences and increasing asset values.




The Veea Edge Platform creates an onsite dynamic mesh, networking multiple vehicles to provide communication and application connectivity, document sharing and collaboration, AI-driven safety bubbles and workflow analysis, and tool and equipment track and trace.


The Veea Edge Platform provides student and staff Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G including for low-income communities, smart boards and screens, and the requisite at-home communications necessary for today’s flexible classrooms and school at home.



Energy & Utilities

The global energy and utilities industry is transforming rapidly, with modernization of the grid, and innovation in alternative sources. Leveraging the latest Edge computing and IoT solutions enables utilities to gain valuable, actionable insights from operational data helping utilities to achieve their mission of delivering reliability, affordability and sustainability.


"On the farm" edge compute and connectivity, the Veea Edge Platform and ecosystem of partners provide LoRa connectivity to sensors, compute capabilities for building management systems, and visual AI capabilities for livestock, row crops, and specialty crop efficiencies.




The Veea Edge Platform delivers edge compute and connectivity combined with visual AI and AR and a broad array of sensors to deliver telehealth, remote monitoring, digital front door, as well as in-patient monitoring and experience improvements.


The Veea Edge Platform provides the connectivity and compute power necessary to track and trace the movement of people and things (within centimeters), applying AI and AR to work and workflow, while continuously monitoring and managing building management systems for air quality management and energy reduction compliance.  




The Veea Edge Platform communicates and manages all sensors in attended and unattended stores, providing real-time position-based advertising to the shopper’s cart monitor or mobile phone, cashier-less transactions, and real-time on-the-shelf inventory management.  


The Veea Edge Platform delivers long-range LoRa and short-range Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate with sensors installed in mass-transit subway cars and systems that monitor maintenance and service schedules, and simultaneously provide citizens with subway station Wi-Fi through their own 4G and 5G WAN backhaul system.